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Often the case helps us to find new forms.
Let us be attentive to our misses!
Montreal studio of Front & Designer Maxim Aginsky
Fox Logo. Idea for CSS-Fox

for CSS-Fox

January 2015

Just to keep you guys up to date on what I am doing. New logo & other related materials.

The cover image is a part of the creative process

Black Swan

Black Swan

December 2014

WebTalkTo v.7 typo-graphy portfolio experiment and real time improvisation.

This work dedicated to the greatest Charlie Haden.

Typo-Graphy experiment
dribbble Logo Concept

Logo Concept

In progress
dribbble logo concept
CSS-Fox Art BG


Lunched 10/2014
CSS-Fox ⋆ Home for websites & websites gallery

CSS-Fox Gallery
Design Presentation
Corporate Identity Presentation

story 6

May-August 2014
Web Design & Corporate Identity Presentation for WebTalkTo version six
A Concept

and I gave you five rings
and said wear them

Vector Novel

Creative Autobiography

Vector. Novel Without Words
Not Nature Theory
Web Book

Different, often born out of ugliness. Let's misbehave!

Twitter and Facebook icons design