Maxim Aginsky
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v11. 2018

“No. Be a better leader”.
App concept

Visual identity: Logo. Typeface. Abstract illustrations. Color palette. Business card. Letterhead. Folder. Posters. Triptih. Tags.
App: UX. UI.
C17. June 2018
“No. Be a better leader”.<br>App concept

User instructions: practice whenever you feel your team can do better.

"Resting spinning top".
Tatar Culture Centre MIRAS

Visual identity: Mark. Logotype. Color palette. Business card. Letterhead. Folder, Envelope, Booklet covers.
C14. October 2017
"Resting spinning top".<br>Tatar Culture Centre MIRAS

The spinning top resting on its side symbolises the fact that without a person's participation there cannot be any heritage (movement). This concept highlights the people's involvement and prioritizes the human factor...

iOS social app v2

App design: Wireframes. UI.
Visual identity: Logo. Typeface. Decoration pattern. Textures. Color palette.
C13. October 2017
"YOUNEEDIT".<br>iOS social app v2

YOUNEEDIT is an emotional balance reporting social app allows person to document emotional balance, share and control it through the use of iDevices and iAssistive technology.

"Crying heart".
United States Holocaust Memorial Museum

Visual identity: Logo. Typeface. Headlines decoration pattern. Color palette.
Website front page design: UX@UI.
C11. December 2016 (September 2017)
"Crying heart".<br>United States Holocaust Memorial Museum

Let's use two halves of one heart (breaking heart) to create a crying eye. Anyone that is emotionally connected to the tragedy has a broken heart at the moment of the emotional connection and crying eyes, figuratively at least.

Web designers' community.
Cssfox 5

Visual identity: Logo. Icons. Stamp. Star. Badges. Certificates. Custom typeface. Color palette.
Website design: Wireframe kit. Similarities map. User flows. UI.
Website development: PHP. MySQL. JS + JQuery.
C15. April 2016 – October 2017 (Design, Front-end) - August 2018 (Development)
Web designers' community.<br>Cssfox 5

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